202 - 16793 60th Avenue, Surrey, BC V3S 1S8
Mon - Thu: 5:30PM - 8PM
About Isshindo

Isshindo is a hybrid self-defense system that combines hard-style (Karate/Kickboxing) and soft-style (Judo/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).
It is a versatile and practical system that teaches self-defense techniques to prepare students to adapt in threatening situations.
Students will develop discipline, respect and confidence. Training provides students with an opportunity to get in shape and learn self-defense skills in a controlled and safe environment.


Isshindo means “One’s true path”, it is the name of the dojo (training facility) as well as our philosophy on how to approach life.

Our Goal

To prepare students for life’s many challenges through traditional and modern techniques, concepts, and philosophy.

Vision Statement

“To be an established leader in professional martial arts training.”

Mission Statement

“We dedicate ourselves to the continued development and training of all our students. We strive to deepen their commitment to our core values of courage, honour, compassion, personal responsibility, self development and respect.”